CND LED Lamp New Version 2020

$155.25 $172.25

CNDƒ??s next-generation LED lamp is specially designed to cure all CND?? light-curable nail systems, using the latest 3C Technologyƒ?› to optimize light, energy, and time for maximum shine and long wear across a full spectrum of gel nail colors. Using optic mirrors and two beams (wavelengths) to target exposure to the nail, it efficiently cures all 5 fingers (or toes) in half the time.

The CND LED Lamp is the only lamp designed to completely and evenly cure SHELLAC?? brand 14+ day nail color and BRISA?? Gel. When used as directed, this lamp reliably produces a complete cure necessary to assure proper adhesion, toughness, and wearability of all CND?? light-curable nail systems.


Features of?ÿCND LED Lamp:

  • Designed for Complete Chromatic Cure of CND?? SHELLAC??, BRISA?? Gel and BRISA?? Lite Removable Gel
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Cures in half the time compared to older CND UV lamps
  • No harmful UV rays
  • Energy efficient
  • Input: 100-240V
  • Two beams (wavelengths) to target exposure for long wear and shine
  • Easy-to-use preset controls for each service step
  • Alignment guides for proper hand/foot placement
  • Uniform drying
  • 5 finger cure
  • Pedicure friendly
  • Acetone resistant
  • Removable power cord
  • Energy adjusts for each service step
  • Time controlled pulsing for precision cure
  • One-year warranty


?ÿPackage Content:

  • Total quantity: 1 LED lamp